Welcome to the DemoPad Cloud portal for DemoPad CentroControl, Blustream and HDL users.

    • Free

    • DemoPad Free Cloud

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      • Store 1 Project
      • Basic Email Support
      • Basic Design Software
    • £5 / Month

    • DemoPad Pro Cloud

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      • Store 3 Projects
      • Enhanced Technical Support
      • Pro Design Software
    • £10 / Month

    • DemoPad & HDL Pro Cloud

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      • Store 100 Projects
      • Enhanced Technical Support
      • Pro Design Software
The full Cloud subscription per account per month costs just £10 in the United Kingdom, €13 in European union accession countries and US $15 in the rest of the world. If you want a Blustream/HDL and a Demopad Cloud account you use the same account you don't need to pay twice.

For Blustream/HDL users

The Blustream/HDL App requires a Cloud account to create new projects, back up projects and its where you generate QR codes used by your customers to download projects to their IOS devices.

The cost is per account for you or your company and not per project so you can save all your customer projects here for just the basic subscription.

For DemoPad users

The old DemocontrolHD App is now discontinued. All your customer projects will continue as before and if they need to download it again to update a device there will be no problem.

However in future you should use the Centro free App for all your DemoPad projects. The App is free to use IF you have a Centro on the network, if not it triggers an InApp purchase of US$ 40 to use with third party control equipment. However if you use a Centro AND other third party control equipment there is no InApp purchase required.

Further benefits to DemoPad users is the ability to store all your projects in the Cloud and deploy them more conveniently using a QR code. So no more going into settings and turning switches on and off and typing long location addresses and project names. Just point the camera at the QR code to download. Any changes you make locally or remotely are now automatically synced over the internet.

Professional DemoDesign software

From now all Pro version software licensing is authorised in the Cloud account. You still download DemoDesign from our website DemoPad.com but the Pro version will only be activated for Cloud users with an up to date subscription.

Thank you for choosing DemoPad.